To recreate a piece of furniture from the clients in-game asset to be used as main presentation piece at their annual convention with 1,500 people and livestream event. The item should be a sleek high tech asset whilst remaining refined and understated to complement the presentation without being distracting.

Timeline & Budget:

8 weeks.


Key Challenges:

To maintain the clean uncluttered lines of the desk from the audience perspective whilst integrating an enormous amount of hardware to faciltate both panel presentations and a live playthrough.

To ensure flexibility for a variety of panel styles (from two playthrough players to up to four panel members), the desk required an in-built horizontal support structure across its 5m length, with no legs to give unrestricted seating options.


A 5m long, modular replica “CentreMass” asset from within the clients game. The internal structure of the desk was redesigned to allow for integration of production, sound and IT equipment for the live event whilst maintaining the in-game aesthetic from the audience perspective.

To ensure visibility of speakers during the presentation, two angled predator x27 monitors were recessed beneath the acrylic top, which also allowed glare-free gaming under stage lighting and unobscured views of players during the playthrough.