Design, manufacture and install compact high-impact trade stand furniture for use as a demonstration platform for the clients software product.  The furniture needed to be multi-functional:

Modular and visually striking with illuminated logo signage to increase brand awareness and attract footfall.

Large secure lockable storage for computers and personal possessions.

Stand at workstations for demonstrations and customer testing with mounted tablets and screens.

Flatpack for economical international shipping on a single pallet.

Timeline & Budget:

6 weeks.


Key Challenges:

Create a flexible design with numerous layout options for multiple expo spaces whilst preserving the sleek brand identity and safely hiding all technology required to run the demonstration of the product anywhere in the world (computers, cabling, wireless modems, etc.)


Three completely separate units which together created a vivid lit GameGlass logo, which in the future could be placed as close/far apart as space allows and at multiple angles whilst still maintaining brand identity. 

RGB LED backlighting to futureproof or for special circumstances where brand colours are played with or animated using Raspberry pi.

Units were spacious, lockable, and self-contained with discrete cable management which hid all back end hardware.