GSS Locker - 2.0

Repaint and add distressed effect to existing GSS locker to mimic current ingame usage and complement event design brief of “Grand Barter” a dystopian Cyberpunk bazaar.

Project delivered in less than 1 week for £1500.

Combining two paint systems to achieve a realistic worn paint to metal effect.

Acrylic, a somewhat delicate paint is traditionally used to achieve these type of effects, was combined with our industrial paint system designed for longevity.

The original asset constructed in 2017 was stripped back and given deep metallic undercoats before its primary colours. This allowed our artists to carefully handwear back the paint revealing the “metal”. This achieved an incredibly realistic worn effect.

Graffiti was added in a variety of styles, picking on many in-lore Easter eggs including Xi’an (an alien language from within Star Citizen), political activism references found in the ingame location the event area was mimicking, as well as several others for fans to work out. This was an excellent way for the client to be able to hide clues for the fans to hidden secrets of the game.

A Raspberry pi was added to the build to transform the static screen and lighting to a constant randomly changing “glitching” effect to reinforce the sense that this unit was very damaged.