Holoviewer Screens

Design, manufacture and install a pair of “Holoviewer” displays, revealing the blueprints of the client’s latest product as well as displaying latest product commercial on large encapsulated screen.

Timeline & Budget:
5 weeks. £6,000

Key Challenges:
To deliver a consistent level of illumination over the 3m tall and 1.4m wide side lit acrylic panel. This was complicated by the fact that the displays were located in a room with floor to ceiling windows on one side meaning these “Holoviewer screens” needed to bright enough despite this abundance of natural light.

Two high impact, visually appealing, product reveal displays, generating a large amount of social media activity. The lighting challenges were overcome with the use of 15A (12V DC) of high density superbright LEDs per display delivering extreme clarity of the laser etched acrylic blueprint.

The 55” 4K LED screens displayed the clients VT footage and both elements performed well during daylight and nighttime hours.