Redesign and manufacture a 1:8 scale “Sabre Raven” model accurate to the clients in-game asset for their fan convention. Model will be placed on a plinth in a swooping position, however the model required a sub-structure to allow it to be suspended at a later date.

Timeline & Budget:

28 days including transportation to Frankfurt, Germany.

£23,000, including shipping and installation.

Key Challenges:

For the “Sabre Raven” to be able to “stand” on its landing gear the model required an additional supportive structure which was attached to the steel sub-structure which allowed the model to be suspended at a later date.

The short timescale of 28days from confirmation to delivery of the first model for this particular client.


A 3mx3m model accurate to the in-game asset of the Sabre Raven, including 3d carved chemiwood for high detail elements including landing gear and guns.


“Looks great” “Love it”