Install an accurate replica of clients in-game desk asset, featuring curved display cabinets and model ships for their reception area.

Suspend previously created 3m long “Raven” model over 2 level reception area. Installation was also a surprise for staff members.

Timeline & Budget:

8 weeks from conception to delivery (including 2 week Christmas client shutdown).

£25,000 (including installation).

Key Challenges:

The breadth of the project required us to combine 3D printing with traditional cnc modelled pieces for furniture and modelwork.

Due to building constraints there were no fixed points to suspend “The Raven” therefore the creation of an attractive hanging system utilising lift assets from within the game over 2 floors was required to conceal the truss scheme.


A 3.8m CNC milled reception desk, using a combination of 3D carving and milling. Panels were carved in individual pieces to give flexibility should the client wish to change the colour scheme of the desk in the future as current space requirements place the Sabre Raven and suspension rig in close promixity and the client intends to have them in separate places in the future.


“Incredible attention to detail.” - Client