Bring Your Brand & Events To Life With The Greatest Hero Props, Installations, & Merchandise You'll Find Anywhere!


CAD Design

Every project big or small, starts life with us in CAD, we use existing assets from our clients or transform ideas into designs that can be physically fabricated. We work with clients at every stage of the process to ensure quality and adherence to the brief requirements.

CAM Manufacture

Combining modern CAM techniques, with high grade furniture timber and complimentary materials, we create installations that not only blow people’s minds but let them interact and engage without fear of damage for a truly immersive experience.

3D Printing

When the detail gets too fine for other materials we switch to ultra high detail SLA printers to bring every element of a project to life. We believe that their seamless integration with larger milled components is vital to achieve this.


With decades of events experience to call on, our team will ensure the hightest quality installations. Unlike many companies, the team activating the project are the ones who designed and built it so no-one knows the project better!


Concept & Design

We believe that no concept is too complex to be tackled in the correct way. We specialise in taking ambitious ideas or existing digital assets and transforming them into reality at scales and detail very rarely seen at events.

We work closely with our clients to produce a comprehensive project brief to complete accurate design documentation and renders in order to provide a clear understanding of precisely what will be delivered.

We then take the concept designs onto the next stage and closer to reality by creating something ready for manufacture utilising whatever skills are required: CAM, 3D printing or traditional print.

We believe our unique skills of taking complex original ideas and/or assets such as CGI or video game models and turning them into build-able designs for manufacture is what makes our projects stand out as much as they do, ensuring your attendees have positive memorable experiences of the day.


Toolpaths, Milling & Paint

The transfer from CAD to CAM requires the creation of toolpaths for every component piece of the giant 3D jigsaws we have produced. These toolpaths are what our machines use to cut each part and must be created with care to ensure the best surface finish possible for painting further down the line.

At the core of the majority of our builds are milled furniture grade birch plywood - this is an extremely strong high grade engineered timber product ideal for a wide range of robust applications including painting to a high finish. Although FDM 3D printers are continously getting bigger they are still rather slow and produce a relatively low quality finish with poor strength compared to larger timber builds.

We pride ourselves on being one of very few companies that have the necessary skill set to design, mill and construct projects of this complexity and have yet to be presented with a idea we could not fulfill and even push beyond what the client’s initial expectations were. Don’t rule anything out until you have spoken to us first!

The final touch to any project is the paint finish we are able to achieve, it is the finish quality of our projects that has people genuinely questioning how on earth the model has been built, as it is clearly of much higher quality that a foam equivalent with the huge advantage that it can interacted with by hundreds of attendees at events with no ill effects.

The two part paint we employ is tough, repairable, colour matched and durable so year on year retains its vibrancy. No matter how long the products are in service they still shine as an event centerpiece and can easily be re-painted to remain inline with your company branding if it changes.


Details & Design For Print

Milling materials such as plastics and timbers can have limitations, specifically in terms of loss of detail, which is why we invested in our own high end SLA 3D printing capability. This allows us to keep more of the manufacture in-house, work to shorter timescales and reduce unneccesary costs.

With 25 micron precision at our disposal we can produce extremely high resolution stand alone projects. When we combine this technology with our CAM capability, we create hybrid builds large in size and high in intricacy.

Like many technologies out there, 3D printing has become much more accessible, however it is our belief that a machine is only as good as those who are programming it and we feel that’s where we are able to stay ahead of the crowd and produce outstanding results.

Our expertise in CAD/CAM milling has transferred well into the brave new world of high quality 3D printing and we have produced superior print models seen in few other marketing applications. We approach 3d printing with a similar methodology to our traditional CAD design, working extensively with clients to produce exquisite bespoke prints for their projects.


Logistics, Installation & Aftercare

Building large hero projects is one thing, but a key element of the service we provide is getting to them anywhere in the world to install them for events. In the last few years we have installed projects around the UK, EU and last year our largest event yet in Texas USA, air freighting 1,325kg of models (Kraken & Dragonfly builds) to the annual Star Citizen convention in Austin.

On every job we do, the guys and girls installing the event are the same ones that designed, milled, printed, built, finished, painted, packed and transported each and every part. We believe that the best people to activate an event are team that were involved throughout the project and know it inside out, that and for the simple reason that live events will always throw challenges in your face and having the best we can with us on the day never fails.

For our long term installation projects, we strive to ensure we are available to deal with any possible aftercare issues you may have. We are only happy with a project if the client is and that doesn’t change a few years down the line.