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From the people
From the people
The quality of the product is absolutely amazing. The detail and depth of the pieces made it a little daunting at first, but I soon figured it out and am quite proud of the result. The pieces are strong quality, and I love the customizable options between flight mode and landed mode... I am definitely looking out for new ones in the future of ships I do want. I'm gonna have a collection!
— Craig Woodward
From the people
The model is packaged in a very nice box; The box itself is made of solid and high quality cardboard that unfolds to reveal the model; The instruction manual is printed in a very detailed and high quality on premium paper; The box includes all the parts required to assemble a single Dragonfly on a transparent display stand; The overall printing quality of the model is very impressive and only minimal layering is visible.
— Drake
From the people
This was my first 3D printed model and it's proven to be an enjoyable one. Amazing detail to the prints and durable too. I'm about 90% done, but overall it's gone smoothly - my only wish is there were mode parts to fiddle with, then I'd give it six stars :D
— Paul Jones
From the people
As a miniature painter I had a very good time painting this awesome model! It has a lot of detail and the resin from which it is made is a perfect surface to be painted. The different pieces fit perfectly and that makes it very easy to assemble. Definitely a perfect model if you are a lover of the world of miniatures and want something of great quality related to your favorite game, Star Citizen. Great job JRDF! Thank you for bringing our ships from dreams to reality!
— Dundohar
From the people
This is a top quality product and was worth waiting for. I have created and made a custom lighting set just for this model that has really brought the details. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of planning, painting, building, personalising and owning it to date.

P.S The best customer experience of any shop.
— Aaron Marshall
From the people
The 3D printing is incredible, the model is perfectly reproduced identically to the game but in real life. Skills in model assembly and painting are required. The box is also nicely made, the parts are kept in the foam for transport. I have nothing else to say except that it's beautiful.
— Nougatyne
From the people
You get a wonderful package containing a handmade high quality product. The ship is designed with love and lots of thought. Plastic is high quality and does so provide a lot of surface detail visible on the ship. After finishing building the model you can still change its style due to the interchangeable parts. And just in case something breaks - wonderful customer support. Till now I enjoyed every minute of building and owning it.

Highly recommendable!!!
— Tugin
From the people
Absolutely loved this model, great packaging and detail on the model of my favourite fighter in game. Some of the parts were pretty fragile though that's expected with resin and was offered replacement parts which was great.

High recommend.
— Hayashi