About Us

Now operating in the US, JRDF is producing at the same level of detail and quality you've come to know and love. While we are best known for our fantastic Star Citizen kit models, we also create bespoke parts, assets, and merchandise ranging from event trophies to medical supports. 

At the end of 2023, the beloved JR & Kals decided to focus their efforts on the large-scale installation side of JRDF, leaving the small parts manufacturing to be taken over by Drew (@WestbrookDrew), Sarah (@Morigan), and Brian (@ventorvar) in the US. Working with many familiar faces from the JRDF community, they have worked diligently to keep up the legacy that was begun in 2017. 

The Team

Drew Randall

Manufacturing & Growth, Co-owner

Drew's experience over the past decade has involved various 3D printing technologies in the tech distribution space. He has backed Star Citizen since 2012, which was the catalyst for him to get involved in 3D printing spaceships. He started with the JRDF Family in 2018 making the Buccaneer model printable for the massive Kraken display at CitizenCon in Austin, Texas and has been working with the team ever since.

Sarah Knobbs

Management & Comms, Co-Owner

Sarah's varied background has brought her into the fold as an owner and now manager of JRDF US this year. Everything she ever learned as a teacher, a real estate agent, and a writer is being put towards growing JRDF into the best it can be.

Brian Knobbs

Technology & Consulting, Co-owner

Brian has been a fan and backer of Star Citizen since its Kickstarter days and now is super excited to be part of the JRDF team. He's one of the core developers of StarFab, the tool we use to extract those amazing ship models, and that's how he originally got roped in with the JRDF crew. Along with software development, he brings experience in laser cutting, engineering, and embedded electronics.

The Global Team

The Global Team are a mix of friends, family and contractors from all over the planet. They have consistently gone above and behond and JRDF wouldn't be where it is without their "wood, sweat and tears" for which we are grateful beyond measure.


Tyler (Zyloh) for scale


Josh (VMXeo)

James (th3st0rmtr00p3r)

Kent (Ungineer)

David (Steel)