Did you know that all of our kit models are limited to a single run of 500?  Thats right, just 500. None of this first, second and third edition nonsense either. When we've produced 500 thats it. No more. And its not some fake scarcity marketing message either, its a practicality thing.

You see, when we started making kit models we knew that we would have to do something to limit the models that we were manufacturing at any one time.  At the time of writing there are something like 174 different ships and vehicles (or their variants) in Star Citizen and we started with just two 3D printers. The maths is not pretty on that one.

JRDF is a small company, day to day it's literally just JR and I. We started making kit models after that Kraken model and wanted a use for the printers going forwards.


So whats the difference between "Out of Stock" and "No longer Available"?

While we have invested in more printers over the last couple of years, we don't produce all 500 of a kit model when it goes on sale. Again that small business, cashflow, storage space thing.  So "Out of Stock" is quite simply in between print runs and more stock is coming soon.  As JRDF grows, our print runs get bigger (the latest one is a run of the last ever 1:100 Arrow kits) but there are also more to do to.  

When we've sold ALL 500, those kits go into a special legacy collection called "No Longer Available".  There will not be a second edition, a third edition. That kit is no longer available.  So get yours before they all go.

March 09, 2022 — Kals Wilde

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