To develop a range of licensed products based around an in-game asset of a personal storage crate.

Timeline & Budget:

This is an ongoing project, using sales feedback to continually develop the range and functionality of the crates.

Crates are available from £585, dependent on personalisation, functionality and branding options.

Key Challenges:

Adapting crate asset to service as a flexible PC case for a wide variety of PC set ups, realised by the inclusion of additional fans and recommendations for technical specifications.

Design and implementation of a touchscreen interface functionality from in-game into the real world.


3 product options, provided in bespoke colour and brands, all lockable from a touch screen interface and additional features.

A PC crate with software and hardware integration including power/reset commands, GPU/CPU fan and temperature monitoring

A fridge crate with integrated storage shelf and touch screen showing fridge temperature

A storage crate - to provide a lower price point option and total authenticity to the in-game items function.


“I love anything star Citizen and my fridge crate is great - it fits perfectly on my stream desk and is great at cooling and keeping my Guinness safe. The attention to detail is fantastic. Highly recommended.” - Rick Neal

“My Star Citizen PC crate is amazing and unique. JRDF were fantastic during the entire production process from concept through to delivery. Attention to detail is central to their processes from paint work right down to a custom made backplate for the my chosen motherboard.” - Bob McAndrew