Pisces Diorama Kit (1:500)

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Complete your Star Citizen 1:500 scale diorama with these four Anvil Aerospace Pisces' Diorama minis.

Model Size

Model size of fight state model.

Length - 32mm (1.3")

Beam - 32mm (1.3")

Height - 9mm (0.4") (45mm when on stand)

Kit Includes

Want your model in flight or landed mode? No problem, this model kit comes with 3 models in flight and 1 landed!

  • Two Anvil Aerospace Pisces C8Xs in Flight State
  • One Anvil Aerospace Pisces C8 in Flight State
  • One Anvil Aerospace Pisces C8 in Landed State
  • Three bases and stands

JRDF Printing LLC is a licensed vendor for Star Citizen merchandise. This product is produced in accordance with that agreement. Content from Star Citizen used with permission of Cloud Imperium Rights LLC and Cloud Imperium Rights Ltd.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Starter Kit

A perfect edition for any model fleet. The Pisces model is the smallest ship I've gotten in the 1:500 line-up (Arguably the Buccaneer comes close) and still it has all the details it needs to really sell the ship's look. It's a personal thing but I think it pairs really well when placed with other 1:500 ships. It's near human height really helps to set the scale of these ships. Setting one next to even just a Cutlass Black highlights just how big that ship is, in a way that is hard to gauge even in game.

In general, this set continues to hold up to my expectation of JRDF kits coming in great packaging, having easy to remove struts, and being super straight forward to put together. (With the right tools!)

A great kit overall and a perfect choice if you're looking for a kit to start with.