To deliver a 5.8m space motorbike as an interactive photo opportunity for client’s annual convention.

Timeline & Budget:

3 months from conception to delivery, including airfreight to Texas, US. Project ran in conjunction with Kraken model installation.

£30,000, which included airfreight from Scotland to Texas, activation, management of the installation during the event and staff travel and accomodation.

Key Challenges:

To design the model in such a way that the component pieces could be built in the UK and then shipped in crates small enough to be airfreighted.

To create a model with enough structural integrity for attendees to climb on whilst still giving the illusion of the model “floating” above its hover plates. Once aboard the model the attendees were able to "fire" the guns and rev the engines which required the development of a bespoke software and hardware interface that acted as a game interface for true immersion and interactivity on the model.

Project was delivered concurrently to the Kraken project.


An interactive model, accurate to the in-game model. Over 800 attendees climbed onto the model over the course of the one day event for a photo opportunity.


Amazing. Love it.