Use client’s in-game digital assets to remodel and manufacture two desk designs for client’s trade stand at GamesCon 2017, a larger streamer’s desk that forms the centrpiece and a second design for event attendees to play the client’s computer game on. Budget to include an onbrand presentation podium, shipping crates & delivery & installation.

Timeline & Budget:

4 weeks including transportation to Cologne, Germany. Total budget, £19,000

Key Challenges:

To integrate the client’s existing PC rig into the desk without restricting cooling of the PC as well as providing a slick cable management solution.


A double streamer’s desk of 4m long with no middle support structure to allow flexibility for the number of streamers on the show, with an end panel provided to allow the desk to be separated into two for Directors desks afterwards.

14 single seat desks, split over a number of double and triple units to maximise availability of trade stand space, all positioned in a way that adhered to Games Convention rules disallowing visibility of screens from outside the stand due to the expected rating of the computer game.


Overwhelmingly positive feedback from the community:

“Absolutely loving the choice of booth art this year! A #Rayari branded, planetside outpost is brilliant for promoting #StarCitizen 3.x!” NightHawkZale

“I LOVE that furniture design. :-)” Pablo Lorento