To develop and 3d print a range of limited edition licensed kit models based around a Star Citizen ships, with certificates of authenticity and holographic numbering.

Timeline & Budget:

Concept to sale for each ship kit model is approximately three-months.

£6,000 - £10,000 R&D cost per model (pre production).

Key Challenges:

Star Citizen ships are extremely detailed and complex, often featuring external guns and details not typically seen on other sci-fi franchises, therefore remodelling for successful 3D printing production is a time-consuming process.

International shipping, and supportive packaging to protect fragile pieces.

Producing an intricate and detailed model to an appropriate price point, with profit margin given its limited run.


Work is in progress for the ninth & tenth models in the range with eight now fully on sale. Kits have at least 25 pieces, include instruction manuals and build tutorials, bespoke packaging and clear cast components. All are available through a dedicated sister Star Citizen themed e-commerce platform.


“The detail... this attention to detail, it's amazing. The wait to see what JRDF does next is torture.” - James Bressler

“People seem to think this kind of thing is easy… I can assure you it isnt. They rebuild the 3D model assets so we can now finally buy and enjoy quality official #StarCitizen merchandise. Look forward to buying a Glaive from them eventually.” - Steven Morris (Twitter)