Atmo Esports - Hurston Hurtlocker

Design and fabricate awards for an e-sports event based on in-game assets of a Tumbril Cyclone TR and several characters.

GSS Locker 2.0

The GSS spacesuit locker from 2017 was given a repaint and then a distressed effect was applied to existing to mimic current ingame usage and complement event design brief of “Grand Barter” a dystopian Cyberpunk bazaar.

CitizenCon 2019 - Holoviewer Screens

We designed, manufactured and installed a pair of 3m high, 1.4m wide “Holoviewer” displays units, featuring the blueprints of the client’s latest product with large encapsulated screen to play the product commercial.

CitizenCon 2019 - Main Stage Desk

A 5m stage desk from the clients in-game asset for the main stage presentations at their annual convention - CitizenCon. The internal structure was redesigned to allow for integration of production, sound and IT equipment whilst maintaining the in-game aesthetic.

Merchandise - Kit Models

To develop and 3d print a range of limited edition licensed kit models based around Star Citizen ships.


Design, manufacture and install compact high-impact trade stand furniture for use as a demonstration platform for the clients software product.

Daymar Rally Trophy

We created six “Dakar Rally” inspired metal cast trophies for esports tournament winners.

The Vanduul Hunter

Redesign and 3d print “Hunter” model at 1:750 scale to showcase an as yet unseen ship and alien race from within the clients computer game.

CIG Reception

Install an accurate replica of clients in-game desk asset, featuring curved display cabinets and model ships for their reception area. Suspend previously created 3m long “Raven” model over 2 level reception area. Installation was also a surprise for staff members.

CitizenCon 2018 - The Kraken

Remodel and fabricate client’s in-game asset of aircraft carrier space ship “The Kraken” into a 3.8m model for the ship launch sale. Model featured several dioramas to illustrate the potential gameplay of the ship within Star Citizen.

CitizenCon 2018 - Dragonfly

We created a 5.8m long replica Dragonfly model for event attendees to climb onto as a photo-op at the clients annual fan convention. Oh and shipped it from Scotland to Austin Texas.

Thor's Stormbreaker

When Brian Chambers said he needed an axe after seeing Avengers Infinity War - we rose to the challenge and delivered a 12kg solid wooden replica - in a Shield themed crate no less. (Without him knowing).

Merchandise - Star Citizen Crates

Develop a range of products, based around a client storage crate asset. Range includes PC crate, fridge crate and a storage crate, all with personal pin-lockable screens to provide security - accurate to the in-game functionality.

CitizenCon 2017 - Raven

Redesign and manufacture a 1:8 scale “Sabre Raven” model accurate to the clients in-game asset for their fan convention. Model will be placed on a plinth in a swooping position, however the model required a sub-structure to allow it to be suspended at a later date.

GamesCom 2017

Use clients in-game digital asset to remodel and manufacture two designs for clients trade stand at GamesCon 2017, a larger streamer’s desk that forms the centrpiece and a second design for event attendees to play the clients computer game on.

GSS Locker

Fabrication of a 2m high double sided accurate in-game “GSS Artek Spacesuit locker” model, built from ingame screenshots and measurements and without access to in-game asset. Model comprised of two pieces with integrated coffin locks to allow easy manouvorability and installation at events.