CitizenCon 2018 - Release The Kraken

Remodel and fabricate client’s in-game asset of aircraft carrier space ship “The Kraken” into a 3.8m model for the ship launch sale. Model should also feature several dioramas to illustrate the potential gameplay of the ship within Star Citizen.

10 weeks from commission, inclusive of shipping to the Texas, US. Timeline ran concurrent to Dragonfly project.

The Kraken asset was 8million poly’s (5GB) requiring extensive processing power and increased drawing time in order to rework the model in CAD software to produce toolpaths for milling.

The model required planning in order to find appropriate breakpoints for the composite pieces to fit into crates that could be airfreighted.

Transatlantic customs could have caused a delay, therefore we booked storage in Texas to ensure delivery at the event on day of installation.

1:40 scale model - 3.8m cnc milled model, inclusive of 58 high fidelity 3d printed parts, including people, turrets and other model ships.

Additional features – sidelit cargo bay to illuminate inner workings of spaceship model.

Overwhelmingly positive response from event attendees.

Client feedback: “Perfect”. Sales of ingame model sold out within hours of going on sale.