Dragonfly - *Request Replacement Piece



We know these things happen so if you've broken a piece, the cat ate it, or it's missing, please use the attached pictures to work out what piece you need and we'll get it shipped out asap.

*Request - We will only process and ship orders for replacement kit parts to customers who have previously purchased THAT kit model and who are not trying to abuse the system (e.g. trying to get a whole new kit, or ordering more parts for a model that come with the kit) We are always more than happy to ship a large number of parts but may send you an email enquiring what happened in case we can learn and improve our kits/tutorials to help other makers out in the future. Thank you for your understanding.

If its our error, we'll cover the postage (please email help@jrfabrication.co.uk) for your free postage code but all we ask you to pay if its your error is the postage fee.  


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